Tennessee Pink marble, wood
27x6x4 in.
A few years ago I created a small sculpture to commemorate 135 years of diplomatic relationships between the US and Romania. After experimenting with twin eagles, I eventually settled on a single bird figure, a nod to Brancusi’s famous sculptures. The experience left me with the desire to explore this form further.
I chose a piece of Tennessee Pink marble scavenged from the Australian Embassy. Just as the shape began to emerge, the stone broke. Perhaps there was a hidden fracture that my chisel uncovered. Undaunted, I glued the two pieces together and continued sculpting, hoping for a reference sketch.
As the work progressed, I started falling in love with the form. The proportions resonated harmoniously. The bird started to exude energy and strength. Polishing brought out a black vein that follows the form and accentuates its verticality. 
Like this bird, we can sometimes feel broken up into worthless pieces,  but we can become whole again, beautiful and strong, albeit imperfect.

I marked the barely visible fissure with bonded bronze to celebrate this thought. Like in Japanese kintsugi, I aimed to restore the sculpture’s value by repairing it with love and respect.

Now, when I gaze upon “ Bird With Golden Collar” I am grateful for what this stone taught me about resilience.
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