I got a call from Amanda today. She wanted to talk about something we're both very passionate about, solar panels.
I thought we would have a nice chat, but she hung up on me. I'm no stranger to rejection, but this one hurt extra; Amanda's a robot. 
Mr. Asimov, what's up with this?
Since you seem intrigued, I'll tell you how it happened. As soon as I picked up, she started talking really fast. She recited the benefits of solar panels, then jumped right into aggressive yes/no questions.

"Amanda", I pleaded, trying to slow her down.
"Panels are easy to install" she answered after a brief hesitation.
"Amanda", I said again.
"No!" she cut me off firmly and hung up. 
I know that cold-calling is a tough job, but c'mon Mandy, call me back. Let's talk about them panels...
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